Our Team

Dr. John Fernandez:

I am a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, with 21 years of professional experience. I am proud to be a part owner / working partner within the newly renovated CPR training facility located at 50 Jericho Turnpike, in Jericho N.Y. I also have an established rehabilitation facility located in Woodside, Queens. Teaching CPR classes and techniques to stabilize post trauma victims with essential first aid skills are second nature to me and I feel it is vital for more people to learn these lifesaving techniques. These essential “life skills”, are useful for work, accidents within your home and possibly for the survival of one of your immediate family members. I am also Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and pursuing the Instructor training in this discipline. The entire team here at CPR Classes NYC are Certified by the American Heart Association in CPR /AED and First Aid. I am an avid fan of water sports and so I also hold a Certified Boating Safety Instructor Status with the NYS Parks Department. Knowing that it can take longer than 8-10 minutes for EMS to arrive at an emergency is why I strongly advocate all those interested in CPR training to take a class with us at CPR Classes NYC. We will prepare you to potentially save someone’s life!

Andre Fernandez:

I am a current student of Drexel University located in Philadelphia. I am pursuing an educational career as a Physicians Assistant. I am one of the original founding teachers, Certified by the American Heart Association as an Instructor teaching Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) courses. I have worked independently and with CPR Classes NYC, over the past year. This summer break (2015) I had pursed and passed the required continuing educational requirements as well as passed the rigorous NYS Parks testing necessary, to proudly announce my newest Certification as a Safe Boating Instructor (#1835), as provided through the New York State Parks Department. I am a former student athlete (Light Weight Men’s Crew) of St. Anthony’s High School and also for the Long Island Rowing Club, both of Huntington, NY. I have held the two certifications: CPR / AED and a N.Y.S. Safe Boating certification for about 5 years, prior to upgrading into a Professional Certified Instructor. These two certifications (CPR/AED and Boating Safety) were essential to my life while I was heavily involved in the sport of Crew but they have often come in handy within some everyday emergency situations. My professional training in CPR Life Saving techniques and First Aid Trauma have assisted me in both my professional and educational goals as I pursue my Physicians Assistant degree.

Aaron Fernandez:

I am a current student athlete at St. Anthony’s High School, in the town of Huntington New York, I am a member of the Long Island Rowing Club, United States Rowing and pursuing a spot on the Junior Nationals Heavy weight Crew team. I have been trained in CPR and Boating safety for the past few seasons and have taken the next step of Certification because i think everyone should be able to handle emergency situations. This training is really quite simple and essential to know when and if an emergency happens. Unfortunately, accidents are not planned and so knowing how to keep yourself and an injured person calm is the key of this training. These two certifications ( CPR and Boating Safety ) are essential to my life as I am still heavily involved in the sport of Crew on a year round basis. I am a new Instructor of CPR Classes NY and I am also currently pursuing a Certified Instructor Status for issuing Boating Certifications in New York State.

Devin Dubin:

I am a recent graduate of Half Hollows West, in Dix Hills, New York. I am currently enrolled as a student at the University of Southern California (USC), pursuing a career in Biomedical Engineering. I've been a teacher for CPR Classes NYC for this past year and I am actively pursuing a Certified Instructor Status for issuing Boating Certifications within New York State and California. I am a former student athlete, Heavy weight Mens Crew of the Long Island Rowing Club, NY. I have held three certifications for years; a CPR, Diving and Boating safety certifications. These two certifications were and are essential to my sporting life as well as everyday life. I am passionate about teaching these skills and will continue to teach CPR / AED and Boating Safety courses while I am in California.

Lisa Gasser:

I am a former Nursing student and flight attendant with the Delta Airlines Corporation. At the time I was required, by regulation, to maintain a yearly CPR / AED Certification. I essentially have about 24 years of CPR/AED training experience. During my junior years as a flight attendant, I often wondered if the yearly certification was really necessary. Then as I began working longer cross country routes and International routes, I began to encounter far more numerous life saving situations which involved CPR skills as well as some needing the use of an AED. I look back and remember how each of those situations were handled with such a calm demeanor due to our constant retraining. Now, as a mother, I love being the Professional CPR Trainer of many “other” mothers, Nannies, Daycare workers to the pre-med and nursing students right here in the Long Island area.

Chloe Dubin:

I have been an active E.M.T. member of the Dix Hills Fire Department for the last couple of years. I am also a Professional Personal Chef (specialized for individuals with dietary restrictions), Certified Scuba Diver, American Heart Association Certified CPR / AED Instructor, a loving wife and mother to 2 wonderful children.

Nichole Landrio:

I am a Long Island native, with a Teaching degree from Dowling University. Although I have pursued a variety of ventures over my life, non have been as rewarding as my role as a wife and mother. Now, as the family has grown, my life has yet taken another turn. I am now an established Certified Personal Trainer as well as becoming a Certified American Heart Association CPR/AED Trainer! I love holding Friends and Family CPR parties where I can teach between 1-3 families the essential technique of CPR and first aid safety skills right in their own home. I’ve been working with CPR Classes NYC for the last year and I know that every class we’ve taught, has had wonderful reviews.